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Devices of implausabiity: Inconsistent/contradrictory female characterization (for example, yingying one day reprimanding him for his licentiousness, the next fulfiling his licentious desire), Hyperboles like the happy ending of Miss Li, Contradictory/inconsisent narrative/plot

Evalute the plausability and inconsistencies of the female characterization and plot in the text= 4pages
Analyze how lack of plausibility works as a device of didaticism...what is the didactic value of when this plot and female characters are not plausible? didactic value with regards to confucian standards of how women should behave...4 pages
formal lit review unnecesaery...cite articles throughout your own analysis

Potential topic: The stories and fates of Miss Li versus Yingying; what is it about the gender expectations of women that cast one as depraved and the other as admirable?

Plausability versus didactic value of both of these stories in terms of women
How plausible are the plots and female characters of the two stories? How are the ways in which the plot is unrealistic or the female characters are unrealistic and/or inconsisent part of the storys didacticism regarding proper confucian behaviour?

The texts:
The story of Miss Li:http://www.sacred-texts.com/cfu/mtc/mtc66.htm
The Story of YingYing:

Useful scholarly articles
General articles
Miss Li

Book: Reconstructing discourse of Chinese Lit, tang dynasty section

Book: Chinese theories of fiction

"Female Sexuality and the Double Standard in Tang Narratives: A Preliminary Survey" by William Nienhauser, Jr. You can find the article in the book entitled: Paradoxes of Traditional Chinese Literature

Book: Chinese literati tradition and women

Ways with words on yinying

I need more articles discussing the two stories and more discussing the device of female characters voice and perspective to represent voice of the poet/minister